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This Could Be One Of The Biggest Decisions Of Your Life

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I have been under the amazing guidance and mentorship of Richard and Jan Berry for the past five years.

They have provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the financial services that we provide for our amazing clients, and they have put me 10+ years ahead of where I would be without them.

Mr. and Mrs. Berry have both earned their CLTC designation which stands for Certification of Long Term Care. I feel blessed that I received that designation as well in 2018!

Long Term Care insurance could potentially be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Less than 18% of people use their auto insurance. Less than 5% of people use their homeowners insurance.

If you are single, there is a 70% chance you will use your Long Term Care insurance; and, if you are married, there is a 92% chance at least one of you will need LTC. Wow!

The only type of insurance that is 100% guaranteed to be used is a permanent life insurance policy because none of us are getting out of this world alive!

Long Term Care insurance has evolved extensively over the past several years. Many people think the premiums will skyrocket once you start paying; and, if you ever need any of that money back that you have put in, you’re out of luck.

Does that sound like a good deal to anyone? NO!

Welcome to “Asset-Based Long Term Care.” What is the first word? Asset

Everybody wants assets. Nobody wants liabilities. A properly designed Asset-Based Long Term Care policy could hands down be one of the GREATEST assets that you own.

It is the one asset that can protect all of your other assets in the event you one day need someone to take care of you. The issue for most people isn’t whether they will need care or not. The issue is what will the impact of that care have on your spouse, children, or family?

Do you think you could possibly become frail and need care one day?

Do you want your family to have to take care of you, or would you rather a paid professional come in while your family oversees your care and maintains their quality of life?

No retirement plan is complete without a plan for Long Term Care.

If you want to learn more about Long Term Care, we are holding a FREE seminar on February 28 at the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Click HERE for more information.

Can't make it to the seminar? Feel free to call our office for a free consultation to determine if Long Term Care coverage may be appropriate for you. Our number is 1-888-774-6181.

-Reid Mathews, RICP, CLTC

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