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The Importance Of Tax-Free Money In A Post COVID-19 World

We understand people are searching for answers during this uncertain time our country is facing. Because of that, we created a 7-week webinar series to provide you with wisdom, answers and solutions during a time where we need it most.

Here is our third episode where Richard Berry and Reid Mathews discuss how the importance of tax-free money in a post COVID-19 world.

Check out and register for future webinars by clicking HERE. Next week we will cover "How To Create A Full Proof COVID-19 Win-Win-Win Long Term Care Plan".

Important details from the webinar (go to the below minute marks for the details you need to know).

00::00 - 2:10 - Reid Mathews intros tonight's topic.

2:15 - 19:45 - Richard Berry discusses COVID-19 and provides you with an update how it could impact retirees.

20:45 - 37:42 - Tax questions to think about and why taxes will go up.

37::44 - 42:00 - Three tax buckets

38:00 -47:42 - Elimination of the stretch IRA and information on Roth IRA's

47:50 - 51:30 - Example of a Roth Conversion

51:35 - 58:00 - How to use Life Insurance as an investment vehicle

58:05 - 102:15 - Example of a Life Insurance Conversion

102:15 - 103:10 - How to fund life insurance with your RMD

Do you want to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss putting plans in place increasing your tax-free money? Click the button below or call 843-808-9850 to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone meeting,

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