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How COVID-19 Could Impact Taxes & The Strategies You Can Take

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We understand people are searching for answers during this uncertain time our country is facing. Because of that, we created a 7-week webinar series to provide you with wisdom, answers and solutions during a time where we need it most.

Here is our second episode where Richard Berry and Reid Mathews discuss how COVID-19 could impact taxes and strategies to generate more income during your golden years.

We have also included clip below where Richard Berry discuss the market, his thoughts and what retirees should be thinking about. WATCH BELOW.

Check out and register for future webinars by clicking HERE. Next week we will cover "The Importance of Tax Free Money In A Post COVID-19 World".

Important details from the webinar (go to the below minute marks for the details you need to know).

7:30 - 10:00 - Reid Mathews intros tonight's topic.

10:15 - 21:00 - Richard Berry discusses the COVID-19 and the potential tax and economic impact.

23:30 - 25:45 - Historical tax information

28:40 - 37:30 - Secure Act overview & tax bracket information

38:00 -44:30 - Deductions, exemptions and credits retirees can take

45:00 - 103:00 - The Real Tax System

Do you want to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss putting plans in place to minimize your taxes, create security and growth oppurtunities? Click the button below or call 843-808-9850 to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone meeting,

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