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The Gift of Fatherhood

By: Reid Mathews

I have been extremely blessed by great father figures in my life. I have my heavenly Father, I have my dad, Ron Mathews, and I have my father-in-law, Mr. Berry. To have two father figures here on earth is an incredible gift from the Lord. I have been shown how to be an exceptional father firsthand by my dad and Mr. Berry. On April 3, 2021, I became a father to the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on, Janet Lee “Jaylee” Mathews. The nurse asked if I wanted to help deliver her into this world. At first I said no but then immediately changed my mind in the surreal moment we were experiencing. My daughter came into this world like a torpedo and at that moment when I first held her in my arms, my life changed in such an amazing way I cannot even put it into words. I became flooded with emotions on what it really meant to be a dad and how I hope to be the best father I can be for her.

This last year has been the fastest year of my life. Watching Jaylee grow and grow and grow has become my favorite activity. Every day I wake up is a blessing to be able to have my family and my health and to be able to spend time together. Jaylee has gone from a little baby who couldn’t even open her eyes, to a little girl who yells “DADA!” when I walk through the door and reaches for my hand when she wants a little assistance walking from room to room. I have worn more pink the last year then I ever thought possible. I play with Barbies, I speak like a toddler sometimes, and I watch little kid movies and sing along to the songs. The hardest thing I have tried to learn is putting her hair in a little ponytail. I need a lot more practice before she will let me do that! I already know how much I will miss these days, but I am also very excited for the future. When Jaylee smiles and laughs, my heart melts; and, I experience such a joy that cannot be replicated or ever taken away. When she cries or gets a boo boo, my heart hurts; and, I want to pick her up and hold her tight and never let her go to assure she never gets another one.

Being a father is more than just having children. Being a father is about trying to protect and provide for your family financially, physically, and most importantly, emotionally. It has been an endeavor that I cannot do on my own. I need the Lord to continue to guide me and give me the wisdom and the strength it takes to be a great father. I have two wonderful examples in my own dad and Mr. Berry. I have a huge appreciation now for both of them in ways I never even comprehended when I was younger. I hope and pray to the Lord daily to help me be the best husband, father, son, brother, friend, and financial advisor that I can possibly be for all the people around me.

It is crazy to me to think about how much God must love us to send His Son Jesus Christ to die for us and take away our sins. Becoming a father has given me a small glimpse into how the Lord feels about us, and it brings me to tears. I know how much I love Jaylee. God sacrificed His own Son for us so we can spend eternity with our true heavenly Father. What a blessing! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there in our Berry Financial Group family!

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